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6:59pm 07-28-2017

Favorite thing in the world:

I'll tell one thing about me. I like them meow ears that climb all the trees. One screamed at me the other day as I ''twas passing. He threw me a lumberjack and I said "thank you kind sir. "
I'll tell ya, space cadet, if there is one thing in this world that is set in stone. I mean two things set in stone-- one being that the universe is predictably unpredictable, 2) that y2k s gonna bring one hell of a show. We'll have to resort to anarchy or communism. Them Russians have had this up their cufflinks and holsters since mankind climbed out of the great ape's womb and made fires. I shake my head and fists to that. One big conspiracy time trap, in fact. from here on out, me lumberjack needs to use the phone so I've got to get off line. It was nice signing this guest book. I'll let you know if I return.:lol:
K, thanks,
12:52pm 07-26-2017

Your website is so pretty!!
10:45pm 07-25-2017


Favorite thing in the world:

Hi Lindsey. I really like your website. I really wish there were more pictures of Pip though.
11:07pm 07-21-2017
uh... hi lindsey its pip i reely lik your website i hope sumday you put lots of pichures of me it would make me so happy
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